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Welcome to Studio City: Gateway to The Valley

Ventura Place Summer Night Market on June 13

Posted on 06/05/2024

Join your community for the Ventura Place Summer Market on June 13th, from 5-10 PM! Enjoy an evening filled with delicious food, fine wine, and of course fantastic shopping!⁣

Summer Solstice River Session mini arts festival in Studio City

Posted on 06/11/2024

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In celebration of the summer solstice, join LA River Arts for a River Session on June 22nd! This FREE mini arts festival will take place along the LA River, on the greenway by the Richard Lillard Outdoor Classroom, an amphitheater surrounded by rewilded native landscaping. It will showcase creative work from our communities around the topics of restoration, ecology, healing, climate change, the environment and social justice.

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NoHo Summer Nights

Posted on 05/20/2024

Valley Cultural Foundation, in conjunction with the Department of Cultural Affairs and Council District 2, presents NoHo Summer Nights, a ten-week concert and movie series. Admission is FREE. Community parking is available at the recreation center parking lots, areas surrounding the park and the North Hollywood Metro station.

Concerts begin at 7:00 PM
Emerging Artists will open for all Headline Performers

Movies begin at dusk, approximately 7:30 PM

North Hollywood Park
11455 W. Magnolia Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Next to the Amelia Earhart Library

Spring Movie in the Park Video

Posted on 05/31/2024


Sustainability Saturday :: Know the dangers of FAST FASHION

Posted on 05/04/2024

Over 100 billion clothing items are created each year. More than 87% of these items eventually end up in landfills or are burned. Fast fashion companies churn out new products constantly at low prices, using underpaid/exploited labor and cheap materials. The fashion industry is estimated to produce up to 10% of global carbon emissions.

To address these issues, new companies are at the forefront of the movement to re-use, repair, re-dye and/or recycle clothing. People want new clothes. Instead of buying new clothes, they can be repaired, re-dyed and/or re-designed to get new looks. In addition, these companies are also supporting clothing swaps to help people get new clothes by trading with others.

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Get involved!

Posted on 04/06/2024

Together, LA’s 99 Neighborhood Councils form the grassroots level of Los Angeles city government. Each has a unique structure, in order to reflect the people and the needs of the community it serves. Here are some ways you can get involved.

Contact [email protected] to get involved! 

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Sustainability Saturday :: Don't be a rat!

Posted on 04/06/2024

Sustainability Saturday! Did you know: a family of barn owls (4) can eat up to 1000 rodents a year. Many of these rats may have ingested toxins trough rodenticides, putting the owls at risk!
Rodenticides are harmful to all living animals. The rat that ingests rodenticide will weaken and become easy prey for owls and hawks who will then be poisoned.
Rodenticides have been found in substantial amounts in large prey including bobcats and mountain lions. Rodenticides often lead to mange which can kill large predators.
By using rodenticides we are harming those animals we know and love, and even putting our pets at risk.
Encourage your neighbors and friends
to avoid use of pesticides.

CicLAvia comes to The Valley (Ventura Blvd)

Posted on 03/21/2024

Join us for our 57th Los Angeles Open Streets Event: CicLAvia—The Valley (Ventura Blvd)!

Date: Sunday, December 8, 2024 / Domingo 8 de diciembre 2024

Time: 9am - 3pm

Location: Connecting NoHo, Studio City and Sherman Oaks.

Go green. Breathe Cleaner air. Invest in your health. Go electric!

Posted on 03/19/2024

Per the California Air Resources Board, one hour of using a typical gas powered lawn mower emits as much pollution as a gas powered car driving 300 miles (from LA to Las Vegas), and one hour of using of a typical gas powered leaf blower emits as much pollution as a gas powered car driving 1100 miles from LA to Denver! 
California bans the sale of gas powered leaf blowers and lawnmowers, and the City of Los Angeles bans the use of gas powered blowers within 500 feet of a residence which is enforceable against gardeners and homeowners.  
Replace your gasoline powered leaf blowers and lawnmowers with cleaner energy electric yard equipment. Leaf blowers for the typical front and back yards in Studio City cost under $250. The South Coast Air Quality Management District gives $250 rebates to replace gas powered lawnmowers with electric lawnmowers.
Click below to apply for the Rebate Program:

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