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Neighborhood Council Election Information

Posted on 06/18/2024

The 2025 NC Elections will be conducted using an all Vote-By-Mail election model. The 2025 NC Election Handbook provides important information about the election process, including the candidate filing and Vote-By-Mail operations.

The 2025 NC Regional Election Schedule lists each region's election date, and the 2025 NC Election Timeline provides critical election deadlines.

These are the dates for Studio City Neighborhood Council elections.

  • Candidate Filing Period: February 7, 2025 to March 24, 2025

  • Vote-By-Mail Period: April 11, 2025 to June 1, 2025

  • Election Day: June 10, 2025 

For additional election information, visit our website at and subscribe to 'Subscribe for NC Election Updates' to stay informed of the latest and most relevant election information as it becomes available.

If you have any questions, you can reach our election administrator [email protected] or (213) 978-0444. 

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