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Posted on 06/17/2024

✅Necessary Action Now
Steady increases in Sewer Service Charge rates were paused in 2020 because of the pandemic and following a 45-day public input period this coming summer, would resume in fall 2024 to continue to build infrastructure projects to protect public health and our environment which includes waterways, our beaches and the ocean.
✅Protecting Public Health and the Environment
Your rate goes toward protecting Angelenos’ health and the environment by making upgrades and repairs to LA’s aging wastewater system and its reclamation plants. This is the system that safely removes wastewater from your homes, businesses, schools and community facilities, and transports it to where it is processed, cleaned, and repurposed at LA’s four reclamation plants. Many pipelines need to be repaired or replaced and improvement projects for the sewers and treatment facilities are underway to continue making sure we have clean water and that we are safeguarding our environment, including our waterways, beaches and ocean.
✅Assistance For Households in Need
We know that many households are still in need. There is financial assistance available for Angelenos. You and your household may be eligible for financial assistance to offset the impacts. The City currently offers financial assistance for the Sewer Service Charge to households in need through the EZ-SAVE Program.
This assistance will continue for eligible households.
You will also be able to pay your bill monthly instead of bimonthly and this option is available to all ratepayers through the Level-Pay Program – there is no income eligibility requirement. To find out if you are eligible for the EZ-SAVE program or to change your billing schedule through the Level-Pay program,
✅More Information About Proposed Rates and Our Bill Calculator
Your future sewer bills depend on the adopted rates as well as how much water you use. You can use our bill calculator to estimate your future sewer bills based on the amount of water used shown on your last LADWP utility bill. Visit to find the bill calculator.


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