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The SCNC Board election has been suspended and canceled.

In accordance with Section 3.13 (Board Affirmation and Loss of Quorum) of the 2023 NC Election Handbook, this Neighborhood Council Election has been suspended and canceled.

All certified candidates will be seated by the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment. [emphasis added]

Listing of certified candidates available here

Listing of all neighborhood councils and their election status available here

3.13 Board Affirmation and Loss of Quorum: In the event there are no candidates for a single NC board seat, that contest will be omitted from the Official Ballot.

In the event there are not enough candidates in a NC election or if there are no
competitive contests (more candidates than the number of vacancies available) for all
board seats after the List of Certified Candidates has been released, the election for the
given NC will be suspended and canceled. Any candidates that have been certified will
be seated by EmpowerLA through the Department’s prescribed Board Affirmation
process.  [emphasis added]

If there are not enough candidates to meet a quorum of the board, EmpowerLA will use
the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners’ Loss of Quorum policy to seat a new board.


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