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August 2022

Board Motions and Vote Tallies for August 17, 2022

Motion. The Board of the Studio City Neighborhood Council SUPPORTS the proposed construction of “the Crescent Apartments“, an apartment building located at 4260 North Arch Dr., CPC-2017-3759-DB-SPP-SPR ENV-2017-3760-EAFA, to include 129 residential apartment units, 17 of which will be set aside as affordable housing for low income households. Five stories with the maximum transitional height of 76 feet to the highest point to include 145 parking spaces on two subterranean levels.

Motion to send back to committee for adjustments by Scott M.  Seconded by Chip M.

Vote: Yes-9  No-4  Abstain-0 Absent-1   Motion Passes to send main motion back to committee.


Motion. The Los Angeles region faces a climate and biodiversity crisis. Over90% of local butterflies, songbirds, and other pollinators have disappeared in the last century due to the replacement of local flora with non-native plant and tree species. Native landscape plants and trees can thrive in our urban environment and furnish all the benefits non-native trees can offer in terms of canopy shade to offset the heat island effect, beauty, and shade for humans, while providing the only path to sustainability for biodiversity, water and energy savings, and elimination of soil amendment runoff pollution. Therefore, the Studio City Neighborhood Council appeals to the City of Los Angeles, all applicable government agencies, public-private partnerships, and private parties planting in public space to discontinue the practice of planting non-native landscaping plants and trees except in situations where plants and trees are designed to produce food for human consumption or provide a designated recreational playing field, and henceforth these same parties otherwise only plant 100% California native landscaping plants and trees within the City of Los Angeles and specifically within the stakeholder boundaries of the Studio City Neighborhood Council. 

Vote: Yes-7  No-6  Abstain-0 Absent-1     Motion Passes.


Motion. The Board of the Studio City Neighborhood Council (SCNC)approves the budget not to exceed $2,000.00 for “Movies in the park /Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month” on September 10, 2022.

Vote: Yes-12  No-0  Abstain-0 Absent-1      Motion Passes.


Motion. The Board of the Studio City Neighborhood Council (SCNC)approves the budget for up to $5,500.00 for LUMINARIA 2022 on December 4th, 2022

Vote: Yes-11  No-1  Abstain-0 Absent-1   Ineligible_1     Motion Passes.


Motion. The Board of The Studio City Neighborhood Council approves theclarification of our initial support of Council File 21-0470, by Board vote on April 15, 2021.This motion approved by the Studio City Neighborhood Council is clearly in support of the original application and findings of the Historical Cultural Commission. After which, revised findings by the PLUM Committee were approved by the City Council that substantively altered the original application and original findings. As such, the record indicating that the Studio City Neighborhood Council being “For” the council file as adopted is incorrect. We are putting forth this motion to clarify our position, as well as notifying CD2 (the location of the property at the time of the vote) and CD4 (where the property is now located due to redistricting) of our position.

Motion to send back to Committee by Randy F.  Seconded by Kim C.

Vote: Yes-4   No-9  Abstain-0  Absent-1        Motion to send back to committee fails.

Vote: Yes-10  No-0  Abstain-3  Absent-1        Main Motion Passes.


Motion. The Board of the Studio City Neighborhood Council (SCNC) supportsCouncil File 22-0799 (DeLeon/Blumenfield) which directs the Chief Legislative Analyst, LA Housing Dept. and other departments to evaluate homelessness prevention programs operated by the city, county and LAHSA to identify which are most effective and deserving of expansion.Such programs include Solid Ground Program though FamilySource Centers, Eviction Defense Program, Covid-19 Renter Protections, LA County Homelessness Prevention Unit and LA Homeless Services Authority “Problem Solving” prevention programs.

Vote: Yes-13  No-0  Abstain-0  Absent-1        Motion Passes.


Motion.The Board of the Studio City Neighborhood Council (SCNC)supports Council File 22-0628 (O’Farrell/Martinez) which requests LAHomeless Services Authority to report on their food distribution programs that serve people experiencing homeless and the ways in which it can mitigate any future food waste. This motion is in reaction to a CBS2 Investigation which followed LAHSA workers for months and discovered some teams throwing boxes of food meant for distribution to homeless persons in the trash.

Vote: Yes-13  No-0  Abstain-0  Absent-1        Motion Passes.


Motion. The Board of the Studio City Neighborhood Council (SCNC) supports Council File 22-0600-S24 which is a Budget recommendation thatinstructs Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) to report to the Homelessness and Poverty Committee on performance metrics related to Homeless Engagement Teams, including the number of FULL TIME AND PART TIME individuals in each team, number of individuals engaged by the teams, and number of PERMANENT placements made by the teams.

Vote: Yes-13  No-0  Abstain-0  Absent-1        Motion Passes.


Motion. The Board of the Studio City Neighborhood Council (SCNC) supports Council File 20-1376-S3 (Buscaino/Lee) which amends LAMC 41.18 AND 56.11 to prohibit sitting, lying,sleeping, and storing personal property within 500 feet of a library.

Vote: Yes-12  No-0  Abstain-1  Absent-1        Motion Passes.


 Motion. The Studio City Neighborhood Council formallyrequests that the LADWP provide 24-hour security at their substation at the corner of Arch Dr and Ventura Blvd. Unhoused individuals have been removing trash from the cans at the adjacent bus bench & spreading it over the LADWP grounds and public walkway, breaking & spreading shards of glass, vandalizing the wall and planters parallel to Ventura Blvd, engaging in drug use (heroine, marijuana, etc) and sexual activity, harassing individuals who are utilizing the car-charging station and now camping out on the grounds in cardboard shelters. While LADWP periodically sends maintenance to clean the area, they are unable to dissuade the revolving group of individuals who are now sleeping on the property. This has become a constant nuisance, a health-and-safety issue and has created a slum-aesthetic for the entire neighborhood. The area promotes more criminal activity and invites more unhoused individuals to the property & neighborhood, many of whom exhibit mental health issues and have episodes either on-property or in the adjacent public right-of-way. The amount of activity is increasing exponentially. We ask the LADWP to provide 24-hour security until such time as the habitual illegal use of the property no longer occurs. We further request the LAPD, LAHSA and elected officials to provide the appropriate resources to assist in alleviating the situation.

Vote: Yes-12  No-1  Abstain-0  Absent-1        Motion Passes.


Motion. The Board of the Studio City Neighborhood Council (SCNC) opposes Council File 22-1200-S43, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s appointment of Jennifer Valdivia to the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (BONC) as a replacement for resigning Commissioner Quyen Vo-Ramirez for the term ending June 30, 2027. The SCNC has a number of concerns about this important appointment, which is not going to be vetted by a City Council
committee. First, Ms. Valdivia has no experience in the Neighborhood Council (NC) system. She was neither a member of an NC committee nor an elected Board member. Experience with the NC system is extremely important, particularly when BONC issues controversial policies such as the Code of Conduct that affect all NCs. Five out of the seven recent BONC commissioners have been former or current NC Board members, which gives them valuable insights that Ms. Valdivia does not possess. Second, she has limited work experience (7 years) other than as a political operative, primarily for the mayor and a LAUSD School Board Member. She has limited private sector and community experience. Finally, Ms. Valdivia omitted from her City Council-submitted résumé her involvement with Aristos Strategies LLC, a lobbying firm founded by her father. She worked there as chief operating officer for nine months, according to her Linkedin page. At a time when DONE is trying to curb the impact and influence of our community-based Neighborhood Council system, we need a commissioner who will be an experienced and supportive voice for stakeholders and NCs, not a rubber-stamp for DONE bureaucrats, city-hall lobbyists, and contractors. BONC and our Neighborhood Councils deserve better.

Vote: Yes-11  No-0  Abstain-2  Absent-1        Motion Passes.



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