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Posted on 07/19/21

Studio City Neighborhood Council

Dear Stakeholders,

Ordinarily, I would be writing to you about our upcoming board meeting that would be held this Wednesday evening. However, in light of an important redistricting meeting happening on Wednesday evening, we are going to cancel our SCNC meeting as we hope you will join us at this important City meeting instead.

You must RSVP at:   OR call 213-263-5765  in order to register.  Once you register you will get a Zoom link to the meeting. The meeting will begin at 6 PM - PLEASE register in advance of this meeting. -see flyer below-


Ten years ago Studio City's Neighborhood Council Area was divided into 3... having representation by 3 separate City Council members!   Yes, we were represented by CD2, CD4, and CD5 from 2001 to 2011.  Most of Studio City was in CD2, which stretched from Studio City to Sunland/Tujunga in the most obscene gerrymandered shape you've ever seen.  The Studio City Neighborhood Council and the Studio City Residents Association lobbied the Redistricting Commission for a "Southeast corner of the Valley" district that was mostly rectangular in shape.  We got part of what we wanted... that is, we got practically all of Studio City represented by one Councilmember.  This time around, we still need to get all of the "Southeast corner of the Valley" in one council district and make sure the entire Valley has complete and non-gerrymandered districts.  For the last ten years, for example, CD4 and CD5 have both had about, half, of their district over the Santa Monica Mountains in L.A. and half in the Valley.  Take a look at these two districts... they are, again, clearly gerrymandered shapes, each connected by a thread... which is not supposed to be allowed by law.  

Map Link:

This is why Studio City Stakeholder attendance and YOUR voice is so important at this meeting.  The Valley has enough problems of its own... problems that are unique to the "Valley".  The Census will release the Valley's population sometime in August.  It will show that we have enough people for 6, (possibly 7) full council districts (Out of 15 total).  If any of those 6 or 7 districts go over the hill, it dilutes the Valley's voice.  We must hang together.

The City Redistricting Commission has in its "Operating Principles", to "keep neighborhoods and communities intact, utilize natural boundaries or street lines, and be geographically compact".  CD2 was not compact 10 years ago, CD4 and CD5 have been anything but compact for the last 10 years.

Participating in the redistricting process can be just as important as voting. The City Redistricting Commission needs to hear from us.  Come learn and take action so that our neighborhoods, Studio City, and the Valley as a whole gets treated fairly and receives the resources it needs and deserves.

Thank you to Barry Johnson for assisting in providing the above background and talking points. Again, I hope you will attend this important meeting.

Committee Updates
If you have an interest in any of the following committees, please don't hesitate to reach out. If you know someone who may be interested, please forward this. Below are our standing committees and our committee chairs.

  • Budget - Barry Weiss (Chair)
  • Bylaws - Jeff Hartwick (Chair)
  • Cultural Affairs - Karen Sarrow (Chair), Abi Velasco (Vice-Chair)
  • Government Affairs - Barry Johnson (Acting Chair)
  • Homelessness - Luis Oliart (Chair)
  • Land Use - Lisa Karadjian (Chair)
  • Outreach - Brandon Morino (Chair)
  • Public Safety - Scott Mandell (Chair)
  • Sustainability - Adele Slaughter (Chair)
  • Transportation - Barry Johnson (Chair)

Additionally, there is a vacant board seat. The seat is for an "Employee/Independent Contractor", which our bylaws define as "An Employee/Independent Contractor is a person who legally provides goods or services for compensation in Studio City, whose compensation is reported by way of a Form W-2 or a Form 1099, and who is not required to maintain a City of Los Angeles Tax Registration Certificate (otherwise known as a City of Los Angeles business license)." If that is you and you have an interest in giving back to your community, I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you and I look forward to being in touch,


Randall Fried 
Studio City Neighborhood Council
[email protected]


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