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Be Coyote Aware

Posted on 12/05/18

Studio City Neighborhood Council

Coyotes are common throughout North America, including urban areas. You may see and hear them more during mating season (Dec.-Feb.) and when juveniles are dispersing from family groups (Sept.-Nov.). Living safely with wildlife is easy when you know how.
This field guide teaches you about “hazing,” a powerful tool for keeping coyotes at a distance by reinforcing the coyote’s natural wariness of people. Discover what hazing is, when and how to do it, and how to avoid common mistakes. Keeping coyotes wild and wary is the key to successful coexistence. 

Coyote Hazing Field Guide: What-When-How

Los Angeles Vicinity Rescue and Rehabilitation Organizations
Animals that appear to be abandoned or injured are often behaving in a way that is actually normal for their species, and handling them can do more harm than leaving them where they are. Generally, animals that seem stationary will go on their own by nightfall if given space and time.

Please contact one of these organizations before you approach a wild animal of any kind. Wild animals do not always understand that you are trying to help them. Keeping a safe distance and staying quiet until professional help arrives will help lower their stress levels.
Rehabilitators for injured and orphaned wildlife
Thank you to CD2 Field Deputy Jessica Fugate for this timely information

Download Be+Coyote+Aware+Flyer_CLAW.pdf

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