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Posted on 08/21/18

I hope everyone is well and having a nice summer. The Studio City Neighborhood Council Public Safety Committee wanted to share with you 2 recent updates: 
  • The Studio City Neighborhood Council board unanimously passed a public safety committee motion requesting that Councilman Krekorian provide a report to the community on why there is a lack of police and patrol covering Studio City and neighboring East Valley communities. A formal letter was sent to the Councilman's office last week.
  • In addition, a 22-page proposal (attached) accompanied by the below email was sent yesterday to key city leaders. THANK YOU to many on this email chain -- especially from Studio City, NoHo, and Valley Village -- who contributed to this proposal and participated in the survey.
These are 2 small steps we have taken to raise awareness and continue to apply pressure in the area of local public safety. If you have additional ideas and suggestions please contact me anytime. And of course, please continue to communicate your concerns to Councilman Krekorian and Ryu ([email protected], [email protected]).
Dear Councilman Krekorian, Councilman Ryu, Mayor Garcetti, and leaders of the LAPD:

Craig Radow writing. I sit on the board of the Studio City Neighborhood Council and serve as the Council's Public Safety Chair. Thank you all for your efforts on behalf of our city -- I know it's not easy.

For the last 2 years, myself alongside the community have kindly asked for one thing -- additional visible police patrol across Studio City and the East Valley. And thus far, we've been very disappointed.  
Nearly every day, another friend, another neighbor shares a story of how they have been a victim of a crime. Sometimes it's just a package off the porch, sometimes the contents of a glove compartment were removed, other times a burglary, and with more frequency a home/business invasion with troubling consequences -- the incidences are increasing and stakeholders are very concerned, to say the least.
Therefore, under the advisement from a member of the Los Angeles Police Commission, my public safety committee and key representatives across the East Valley, created the attached proposal (see below) with the goal of attaining additional reinforcements for the police divisions that touch our East Valley neighborhoods. While I await my slot to present this proposal at an upcoming Police Panel Commission meeting, I've decided to share with this wider group to keep this moving -- as time is of the essence.
This proposal includes recent crime statistics, key data figures, recommendations, high-profile news stores, and most importantly direct feedback from stakeholders. Of course, we've tried our very best to provide the most accurate details and data, so apologies in advance for any factual errors. That being said, the proposal's broader statement and overall sentiments conveyed are concrete and reflective of our concerns. 
I am hopeful that the new police chief and his team understands the urgency and can direct the correct resources to the North Hollywood and Van Nuys division. Given their limited support resources, the men and women of these divisions have done a fantastic job serving our community. We obviously truly appreciate them and this is simply a plea for more.
Simultaneously, this past week the Studio City Neighborhood Council voted unanimously in favor of Councilman Krekorian providing a report to the community as to why there is a lack of sufficient police and patrol covering Studio City and neighboring East Valley communities. 
Now that we are all on the same page, I hope that you can help garner us some results.

Sincerely, Craig Radow
Craig Radow
Studio City Neighborhood Council Board Member
Studio City Neighborhood Council Public Safety Committee Chair

Download Officer Proposal - East Valley Communities 8-20-18.pdf

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