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June Public Safety Committee Video

Posted on 07/09/18

@  03:30
5.GUEST SPEAKER – Bryan Mivelaz who oversees Valley Traffic for the North Hollywood Police Division, will address and answer questions, related to all local traffic related issues including neighborhood speeding concerns, DUI, and ticketing. Our Senior Lead Officer, Shawn Smith will also be in attendance to address stakeholders.
6. Presentation, discussion, and possible motion regarding the following:
Mayor Eric Garcetti and Councilman Paul Krekorian have failed to listen to the local community concerns and apply the necessary pressure for adequate law enforcement in our neighborhood. Therefore, as stakeholders desperately seek new options for protection, the Studio City Neighborhood Council recommends setting up an exploratory committee to research the feasibility of applying a 1% yearly property tax addition (with max yearly contribution of $144) that would be set aside from all Studio City residential and business property owners, falling under the zip codes 91602, 91604, and 91607 to cover the expenses of off-duty officers, or private security, to serve as patrol and added enforcement across the entire community. This support will be supplemental to the continued oversight of the understaffed and under resourced LAPD North Hollywood Division. The model of private patrol has been used effectively in other U.S. cities and this local alternative is a necessary step as the concerns of Studio City, and the entire East Valley community, are currently ignored. To avoid further quality of life erosion, we recommend setting up this exploratory committee to determine next steps and advise on proper oversight. We are confident the success of this initiative will reverberate across neighborhoods within the San Fernando Valley facing similar issues in the area of crime.

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