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Studio City Neighborhood Council 2015 Accomplishments

Posted on 01/14/16

The Studio City Neighborhood Council (SCNC) represents the entire Studio City area from Fulton Avenue to Lankershim Boulevard and from Mulholland Drive to the 101 Freeway.  The Campo de Cahuenga, Richard Lillard Outdoor Classroom, Studio City Recreation Center, Woodbridge and Moorpark Parks, Studio City Library and other community treasures are supported by the SCNC.  All SCNC Stakeholders are well served no matter where they are within Studio City.

The Studio City Neighborhood Council ranks in the top 1% of the 96 Neighborhood Councils for Community Impact Statements submitted.

The Studio City Neighborhood Council has an 87% success rate on all Motions submitted to the City for action.

The Studio City Neighborhood Council has an appointed representative for all City Agencies and Special Committees formed within Los Angeles.

The Studio City Neighborhood Council has been publicly recognized as one of the most effective in accomplishments throughout Los Angeles.
“Best of… Being a Role Model for Dealing with Land Use Projects” []

The Studio City Neighborhood Council, like all of the Neighborhood Councils in Los Angeles, is made up of community volunteers.  Over the last 24 months, Ad-hoc Committees were formed by the Board, comprised of the President, Chair of the Land Use Committee, Chair of the Transportation Committee and the Chair of Government Affairs who took on three large and controversial development projects affecting Studio City.

The Committee read over 4,700 pages from the three voluminous Draft Environmental Impact Reports. The Committee produced extensive question and comment reports which were presented to the full Board which responded by holding several open and agendized Board meetings, sharing the findings of the Committee’s reports with the community.  Some of these meetings had over 450 people in attendance.  Every stakeholder was given the opportunity to speak.

The Studio City Neighborhood Council represented the community of Studio City and was the voice for the community, over the many months of reading, investigating, and then, putting together written responses on the three Draft Environmental Impact Reports. The Council has shown it is always thoroughly prepared. They have demonstrated how it should be done and are therefore a model for other neighborhood councils to follow.

Congratulations to the Studio City Neighborhood Council for the VANC “Best of…Being a Role Model for Dealing with Land Use Projects”
Budget Committee

  • The Committee vets requests for funding, then sends the requests to the Board with our thoughts and recommendations.  The Board makes the decision on the funds requested.
  • The Budget Committee is procedural and oversight only.
  • Sponsored the Winter Holiday Festival at Studio City Recreation Center.
  • Sponsored the Luminaria Festival at Campo de Cahuenga.
  • Sponsored the Studio City’s Village Gardeners of the Los Angeles River.
  • Funded the Studio City Beautification Association, including ongoing maintenance of the Studio City Library and beautification projects.
  • Funded the SCNC street banners and other outreach efforts.
  • Funded the 2016 SCNC elections.
  • Sponsored the Movies in the Park at Studio City Recreation Center.
  • Sponsored SCNC Business Seminar at the Studio City Library.
  • Sponsored Green Living Fair along the Los Angeles River.
  • Sponsored MonsterPalooza Event at the Studio City Library.
  • Sponsored the 4th of July Celebration on the CBC Studio Center.
Cultural Affairs Committee
  • Fifth Annual Luminaria Festival, presented at Campo de Cahuenga.
  • Produced and will continue to produce, several audiovisual cultural presentations each year at the Studio City Library on Studio City specific subjects.
 Government Affairs Committee
  • Supported the repeal of language that was added to extend the regulations in AB 32 to all transportation fuels effective January 1, 2015.
  • Requested further changes to the Community Care Facilities Ordinance described as “Technical Corrections to June 25, 2014 Counsel File Number 14–0118.”
  • Requested that each Neighborhood Council spokesperson be given 5 minutes when speaking before the City Council or at a public meeting on behalf of their Neighborhood Council which is the same time allotted to all City Departments.
  • Supported the proposed Planning Department’s Condition Compliance Unit (CCU) Ordinance which includes fees to allow the CCU to expand its current staffing level and to cover the additional monitoring functions that will be established through its Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Program (MVIP). This Motion was submitted as a CIS to CF-13-0046.
  • Supported the formation of an Exploratory Committee to study the feasibility of establishing either an Infrastructure District or Riverfront District in the Southeast San Fernando Valley to protect and enhance open space and economic vitality in the LA RIO Master Plan Area located in Studio City and adjacent communities. We request the assistance and guidance of the office of Councilmember Paul Krekorian in this process.
  • Supported Mayor Garcetti’s initiative to lower the civilian injury-leave pay for City employees to 66% of base pay from the current 90% of base pay.
  • Supported the City Attorney report and the proposed ordinance relative to amending Section 56.11, Article 6, Chapter V of the Los Angeles Municipal Code to prohibit the storage of personal property in public areas. This Motion was submitted as a CIS to [CF 14-1656].
  • Requested that the proposed ordinance be amended to include a provision requiring that the applicants for registration as a beekeeper be required to complete a course in beekeeping and that all beekeepers show proof of insurance at the time they apply for registration as a beekeeper.  Additionally, a provision should be added to the ordinance establishing a registry of beekeepers qualified to collect or destroy swarms when they occur. This Motion was submitted as a CIS to [CF-12-0785].
  • Requested the City Council to address the issue of retirement security for city employees, and consider that all future city employee hires are hired with a 401K plan (with a city matching formula at parity with the private sector) instead of the current defined benefit pension plan.
  • Supported Alternative D presented in the Rim of the Valley Corridor Draft Special Resource Study and Environment Assessment dated April 2015. This Motion was submitted as a CIS to (CF 07-0002-S96).
  • Supported the motion of Council Members Bonin and Buscaino relative to modifying the process for the removal of trees on private property as set forth in the Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee Report, and requested that a permit should be required for the removal of two or more trees. Additionally, neighborhood councils and stakeholders should be included in the development of the framework necessary to ensure that such departments and review bodies, including, but not limited to, the BPW to create a system for better collaboration to ensure that the review and analysis of potential environmental impacts within their purview occur prior to the completion of California Environmental Quality Act review for a project. This motion was submitted as a CIS to (CF 14-1634)
  • Opposed AB1373 in the California State Assembly, which would exempt a 40-square block freeway-adjacent area of downtown L.A. from state sign regulations. (advertising display located in the geographic area in the City of Los Angeles bounded by Wilshire Boulevard on the northeast, S. Figueroa Street on the southeast, Interstate 10 on the southwest, and State Route 110 on the northwest). This legislation could lead to bigger and brighter signs beaming ads for fast food, cars, alcohol and other products to freeway drivers.
  • Endorsed the following positions with respect to digital off-site signs:
1. Digital signs to be placed only within sign districts (and none outside of sign districts).
2. Mandatory takedown requirements of a minimum of 4 signs for each new sign erected.
3. No grandfathering or “amnesty” of billboards erected without permits or erected signage/billboards.
4. Passage of the Sign Ordinance as soon as possible in its current form (without attempts to turn back on the now illegal/turned off digital signs) and with its strong penalty provisions for noncompliance.  This Motion was submitted as a CIS to [CF 11-1705 and CF 08-2020].
  • Supported Councilmember Paul Koretz’s May 16, 2014 motion proposing amendments to the citywide Baseline Mansionization Ordinance (BMO), including an amendment: (1) adding an urgency clause, (2) decreasing the base floor area ratio and eliminating the bonuses and exemptions and (3) accelerating the 18 month time-line initially proposed for the adoption of amendments.  This motion was submitted as a CIS to [CF 14-0656].
  • Opposed the increases in water rates as presently proposed by the DWP
  • Opposed the installation of a city wide wireless network that will provide high-speed internet access to anyone, anywhere in the City and requested that concerns regarding the safety of wireless communications raised in the letters be addressed and remediated in the design of the system.  Specifically, the proposed installations should not be constructed in or around parks and schools unless the neighborhood councils, community groups and the neighborhoods are notified.  Additionally, no public funds should be used to accomplish the objective.  It should be funded by private parties and not by public funds as the City is not presently able to fund infrastructure repairs and its core competencies.  We submitted this motion as a Community impact statement to council file 13-0953.
  • Supported the maintenance of abundant and accessible parks, the requirement for dedication of park land and the collection of park fees (Quimby and Finn Fees). We submit specific comments with respect to the proposed ordinance in response to CPC-2015-2328-CA-GPA; ENV-2015-2329-CE.  The motion was filed as a community impact statement to council files 12-1178, 12-1178-S1, 07-3619, 07-3387-S2, and 05-1562.
Land Use Committee
  • Supported amendments to the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance to eliminate the loop-holes in the ordinance and further reduce the square footage allowed on a residential property.  Amendments will be presented by the City Planning Staff in the early weeks of 2016.
  • Opposed Small Lot Subdivisions, as presented, from being approved by City Planning Department.  Set up an Advisory Committee to work with the City Planning Department to amend the Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance to include more regulations to protect adjacent properties. Amendments will be presented by the City Planning Staff in the early weeks of 2016.
  • Ventura/Cahuenga Boulevards Corridor Specific Plan Design Advisory Board façade approvals of several new businesses in Studio City.
  • Numerous inspections of proposed Studio City development sites for commercial, retail and residential including meeting with proposed applicants.
  • 14 motions brought to the Studio City Neighborhood Council Board for approval of Master Land Use Permit Applications throughout Studio City.
  • Worked with the Public Works Department and Councilmember Krekorian, bi-annually, to identify and repair pot holes, alleys, sidewalks and numerous other public works projects within Studio City.
Outreach Committee
  • Continued its mission to build community awareness and volunteer engagement of stakeholders with the Studio City Neighborhood Council.
  • Created, produced and marketed a Free Summer Movies in the Park series in partnership with Universal Studios and the Studio City Recreation Center.
  • SCNC was one of the sponsors of the Studio City Chamber of Commerce/CBS Studio Center annual 4th of July event.
  • Produced, marketed and promoted the “Grow Your Business: Tax Incentives & No-Cost Services”, a free seminar for business owners and entrepreneurs, held at the Studio City Branch Library.
  • Produced, marketed and promoted the “Monster Monsterpalooza Event” and the Studio City Library.
  • Helped promote the Fifth Annual Luminaria Festival held at the historic Campo de Cahuenga.
  • Helped promote the Studio City Residents Association Winter Festival and staged the SCNC booth with volunteers and information.
Sustainability Committee (New Committee)
The mission statement of the Sustainability Committee is to engage stakeholders by educating and building awareness on promoting actions necessary for a sustainable environment.  On October 17, 2015, the Committee held its first event a “Sustainability Seminar” at the Studio City Public Library with 44 people in attendance. 
Transportation Committee
The Transportation Committee studied and took action to support the following:
  • Left Turn Arrow at Lankershim Boulevard & Campo de Cahuenga Way Right Turn Island at Radford Avenue & Ventura Place
  • Syncronization of all Ventura Boulevard Traffic Signals in Studio City
  • Crosswalks across Valleyheart North & Valleyheart South at Coldwater Canyon Ave.
  • Repaint faded Limit Lines in Studio City
  • New Storm Gutter for Milbank Street & Coldwater Canyon Avenue
  • No Film Shoot Parking during weekdays at the MTA/Hollywood Bowl Parking Lot in Studio City
  • Keeping the Lankershim Boulevard/101 Pedestrian Tunnel clean & graffiti clean
  • Upgrade of the Left Turn Signal from northbound Laurel Canyon Boulevard to westbound Ventura Boulevard
  • Reform of the way W.A.Z.E. operates
  • Staying the Harvard/Westlake "Vacation" until the Final E.I.R. comes out and the Board has  an opportunity to respond
  • Federal "Slow Zone" application for Studio City's Silver Triangle neighborhood
  • Support of Councilmember Krekorian's Motion to allow bridge parking in some instances

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