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Studio City Neighborhood Council Earns a 2015 Best Of Award

Posted on 03/14/17


Best of… Being a Role Model for Dealing with Land Use Projects
Studio City Neighborhood Council

The Studio City Neighborhood Council, like all of the Neighborhood Councils in Los Angeles, is made up of community volunteers.
Over the last 16 months, an Ad hoc committee formed by the Board, and comprised of the president, Chair of the Land Use Committee, Chair of the Transportation Committee, and the Chair of Government Affairs of the Studio City NC, took on THREE, very involved and controversial development projects affecting Studio City.

The Committee read over 4,700 pages in three different and voluminous Draft Environmental Impact Reports. The Committee then reported back to the full Board which responded by holding several open, agendized Special Board meetings and sharing the findings of the Committee’s reports with the community. Some of these meetings had over 450 people in attendance. Every stakeholder was given the opportunity to speak.

Here are some of the results:
NBCUniversal– the brokerage and negotiations with NBCUniversal has been completed and agreed upon, and the Council was also able to negotiate $100,000 in beautification monies for its community.

Harvard/Westlake Overpass– the Council has just submitted its response to the Harvard/Westlake Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) to the City.
Both of these reports have been sent to Studio City’s City Councilmember, Paul Krekorian who will use this information when the final decision is rendered on these projects.

Studio City Golf & Tennis property– the Council recently completed its response regarding the Studio City Golf & Tennis property, which was put forth by the applicant to turn it into a Condominium project. Studio City’s response, led from the community, was 100% against the proposed project and Councilmember Krekorian heard his constituents and has announced his position and agreement on maintaining Open Space.

The Council opened up its process and each and every Stakeholder in Studio City who wanted to voice an opinion, was given that opportunity at the five Special Meetings and full presentations were made on these projects.

The Studio City Neighborhood Council represented the community of Studio City and was the voice for the community, over the many months of reading, investigating, and then, putting together written responses on these land use issues. The Council has shown that what is necessary, is to always be thoroughly prepared. They have demonstrated how it should be done, and are therefore a model for other neighborhood councils to follow.

Congratulations to the Studio City Neighborhood Council for the VANC “Best of…Being a Role Model for Dealing with Land Use Projects”


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