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Things You Should Know About Attending a SCNC Board Meeting

Posted on 05/18/15

Dear Stakeholders, Friends and Neighbors of Studio City:

If you are planning on attending a Board meeting of the Studio City Neighborhood Council, please read the information below regarding both public comment and agenda-item public comment. These Council Rules apply to all meetings.

The Brown Act requires the Council to provide an opportunity in regular meetings for members of the public to address the Council.
The Council has determined that a reasonable amount of time for general public comment, on any one item shall be a cumulative total of up to fifteen (15) minutes.

To facilitate the orderly process of general comments, members of the public who wish to address the Council must hand a Comment Card, which includes the speaker’s name and identifies the item or # of the issue on the agenda that you wish to speak on, to our Secretary. Each speaker will be allowed two minutes per item and a total of 5 minutes of speaking time during the course of the meeting.

The Presiding Officer may exercise his or her discretion on time (which is 2 Minutes) unless otherwise determined and that information is posted on our Agenda.
Preference shall be granted to members of the public who have not spoken previously either during general public comment or on agenda items. The Council shall not take action on any item not listed on the Agenda.

During a meeting of the Studio City Neighborhood Council, there is the need for civility and expedition in the carrying out of public business in order to ensure that the public has a full opportunity to be heard and that the Council has an opportunity for its deliberative process. All remarks shall be addressed to the Council as a whole and not to any single member, unless in response to a question from a member. Persons addressing the Council shall not make personal, impertinent, unduly repetitive, slanderous or profane remarks to the Council, any member of the Council, staff or general public. No person in the audience at a Council meeting shall engage in disorderly or boisterous conduct, including the utterance of loud, threatening or abusive language or try and disrupt the meeting in any way. At the discretion of the Presiding Officer or upon a vote of the Council, the Presiding Officer may order removed from the Council any person who fails to observe these rules of decorum.

Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.

John Walker
President, SCNC

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