Bylaws and Procedures Committee

The Bylaws and Procedures Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the Bylaws and Operating Procedures. Any changes to these two documents must first be addressed in this Committee.

This Committee also supports SCNC in operating within the rules and regulations that it must adhere to including federal laws, California Code, Los Angeles City Charter and Administrative
Code, SCNC Bylaws and Operating Procedures, and Robert’s Rules of Order Parliamentary Procedure.

The Committee meets quarterly at a minimum.

Committee members:

• Nancy Kremer (Chairman of Committee)
• Alexa Steinberg (Board Member)
• Richard Niederberg (Board Member)
• Randall Fried (SCNC President, Ex-Officio)

Please contact [email protected] if you have a question
regarding rules.

Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Documents)

 Meeting Agenda
Oct 24, 2017
 Meeting Agenda
Oct 09, 2017
 Meeting Agenda
Sep 26, 2017
 Meeting Agenda
Aug 24, 2017
 Meeting Agenda
Aug 22, 2017
 Meeting Agenda
Aug 07, 2017
 Meeting Agenda
May 15, 2017
 Meeting Agenda
Apr 11, 2017
 Meeting Agenda
Feb 21, 2017
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Minutes for Board and Committees are available to view in the Studio City Neighborhood Council's office. If you wish to setup a meeting to access these minutes please call (818) 655-5400.
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