Trunk Line Project to Intermittently Reduce Coldwater Canyon to One Lane of Traffic through March 2013

Daytime drivers are encouraged take alternate routes starting May 16.

As part of construction on a major trunk line replacement project in the San Fernando Valley, LADWP crews will intermittently reduce Coldwater Canyon Avenue to one lane of traffic in an area just south of Ventura Boulevard, beginning on May 16 and lasting until approximately March 2013. During the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and occasionally on Saturday, flaggers will be on-site to coordinate traffic along Coldwater Canyon Avenue, between Halkirk Avenue and Avenida del Sol Drive, allowing one direction of traffic to pass at a time.  Each day, after work is completed, LADWP crews will restore Coldwater Canyon Avenue to two lanes of traffic with a single lane in each direction.

As Coldwater Canyon Drive narrows south of Ventura Boulevard, the intermittent lane reduction is necessary due to the location of the pipe and for construction personnel to work safely. Drivers should expect significant delays due to the reduced traffic flow and are strongly encouraged to take alternate routes. In an effort to minimize traffic impacts, LADWP has scheduled the lane reduction outside of heavy traffic hours.

Informational signage has been posted along Coldwater Canyon Avenue alerting drivers and area residents of this upcoming lane reduction. In addition, outreach has been done to inform area residents, local schools, and project stakeholders of the project’s progress and construction impacts through monthly e-mail updates.

The construction along Coldwater Canyon Avenue is part of the City Trunk Line South – Unit 5 (CTLS-5) Project, which will replace an aging trunk line built in 1914. The new trunk line, consisting of 54-inch and 60-inch diameter pipe and approximately 1.3 miles in length, will improve the reliability and flexibility of LADWP’s water distribution system, is required for compliance with federally-mandated water quality regulations. To date, 985 feet of the new 60-inch pipe have been installed. The newest segment to be installed will replace the section of the pipe that ruptured in September 2009, the largest failure of an aged water trunk line in recent LADWP history.

“We’re replacing a pipe that’s nearly 100 years old, and unfortunately, the long-term benefits of this infrastructure improvement come with short-term local traffic impacts,” said Jim McDaniel, Senior Assistant General Manager- Water System. “We’ve seen the damage aging infrastructure can cause, and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we complete this critical water project that will improve the quality and reliability of the city’s water system.”

LADWP’s water system includes approximately 500 miles of trunk lines, which are large-diameter pipes that allow large amounts of water to be transported from one area of the city to another as needed. Construction on CTLS-5 began in June 2011 and is expected to be completed in September 2015.  Trunk lines are in addition to the over 7,000 miles of water mainline and other pipes that run under the city and provide water to Los Angeles.

As construction progresses, and when conditions change, additional community updates will be provided.

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