Studio City to Be Split Up? Here’s What You Can Do to Prevent It.

Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Fellow Stakeholders of Studio City:

A very serious injustice is about to take place to Studio City (again), that will weaken us in many ways,  but it is not too late to try and make it right!

For over 15 years, Studio City has been split apart.  Only a little here and a little there, but never-the-less, split!

The Redistricting that has been taking place around the City is supposed to be held in a Democratic way, so that the PUBLIC has input. That has not been the case, this redistricting has been POWERED BY POLITICAL WANTS AND DESIRES!

The public input (emails) that have been requested from the City, according to some of the Commissioners, *were never received* and have gone UNREAD by the Commissioners.  Through no fault of theirs, they simply have not been getting to them.  Meaning the ONLY INPUT THEY ARE HEARING is from the meetings held in town-halls across the City.

Right now, a part of our Southeastern Valley, Toluca Lake says it is NOT PART OF THE VALLEY.  Oddly, Bob Hope never thought that! In geographical truth, they are.  However, if that community would like to remain in CD4,  for whatever their reasons, they have a right to petition and ask for that.  In fact, I would support that right.

Likewise, we have a RIGHT to DEMAND that if that is going to be allowed – (that 12,000 people can create the splintering of Council Districts across the Valley) then we DEMAND that NONE OF STUDIO CITY, CD2 be split in any way!  That boundaries be drawn up, legally, that will keep Toluca Lake totally on the Eastern Side of Lankershim Blvd., or at least no further than the curb on the West side of Lankershim, or in however it is allowed by law.  That NO ENCROACHMENT be allowed ANYWHERE FROM CD4 INTO CD2.  That seems more than fair to all involved.  The Stakeholders of Toluca Lake get to remain in CD4 and ALL OF STUDIO CITY becomes CD2.  Everyone gets what they want!  No name calling, no bickering,  just a real Democratic resolve that seems to give each community what they are asking for.

Studio City has NO DESIRE to give up the METRO, the CAMPO, the Island community,  or the residents North of the River to Whipple, who are at times left floundering because they are caught in the middle of this Political farce.

We MUST HAVE YOUR HELP – NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please take a moment to write an email:   and PLEASE CC:   .

We plan on appearing at the next public Redistricting Commission meeting on Wednesday, February 22 @ 4pm @ City Hall.  If you can make it, great!  But if you cannot, your email will show that we have real support.  They will be handed over to the Commissioners.   Ms. Sarkin will be bringing in the copies of all those emails she has received.

PLEASE, write to them both.

Subject:  Remain Whole


It is ESSENTIAL that you take just a few minutes and execute your right as a Citizen and a Stakeholder of Studio City.  Keep us strong!

Most Sincerely,
John Walker
President, SCNC

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