Studio City Redistricting

Your input is essential to the redistricting process

California is going through a redistricting issue right now – and the end result will have a direct effect on how each of our communities are represented. This is an issue that EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US should weigh in on and voice our own opinions.

At this point, they want to SPLIT Studio City, with Ventura Blvd. being the divide between North and South.

There are several links that allow you to see what has been suggested and to make your own suggestions:


You can see what has been drawn up and obtain more information at:  wedrawthelines.ca.gov

To submit a comment to the commission, call them toll free at 1-866-356-5217 or send them an e-mail directly to .  You can also post a public comment on their website at wedrawthelines.ca.gov/contact.html.

Finally, you can respond directly to us (Studio City Neighborhood Council) and your voices will be heard.  I have requested the Government Affairs Committee of the Studio City Neighborhood Council to become immediately involved so that the Board can submit our position by the next Board meeting in July.

Again, YOUR INPUT is essential in finding a resolve that is acceptable for all of us in Studio City.

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